HD-HYNUDAL Start 3D HD video converter

"Avatar"grand scenes,"Transformers 3"majestic momentum,the "Inception"of the colorful blurred,more and more 3D movies,the appetite of fans experiences。But,3D cinema in China focus on the second line above the city,and the price of a ticket expensive,if can sit on the sofa,see the 3D blockbuster,that's beautiful enjoyment!It is understood that the ShenZhen EVIK Technology LTD owned by HD-HYNUDAL brand,the development of a lasted for 2 years 3DHDVideo converter products,it overturns the ordinary TV won't be able to see the present situation of the 3D,to fill the gaps in related fields。

HD-HYNUDAL 3D HD video converter

D3H The characteristics and advantages?With the problem,we spoke to the HD - HYNUDAL department related person in charge,let we uncover the mystery of the product!

Spend money on ordinary TV watching 3D HD

In 2012 would be a cable of the first year of the vigorous development of 3D channel, 3D concept will become the mainstream of the ordinary people, entertainment and leisure.Has now opened 3 d cable channel of chongqing city, shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai,in addition, tianjin, jiangsu, hunan, liaoning, such as more than 10 provinces and cities of 3D TV channel test is to be launched in 2012.This means that China's radio and television industry formally entered the era of 3D.And lots of high quality, high definition 3D program,need a professional 3D equipment support,HD - HYNUDAL launch the 3D video converter is optimal trend and a fashion, convenient and practical products,let ordinary TV users,never leave home,and don't need to spend a lot of money to replace 3 d TV can experience the 3D in the home。

At present our country most families use or ordinary TV sets,even play 3 d or 3D TV programs,also is unable to present the 3D effect。Currently on the market to sell 3D televisions,but expensive,for many families are not necessary to eliminate the old TV in 3 d televisions.This product is good than is very high,Only 480 yuan,In the ordinary TV can enjoy 3 d effect.

Powerful function, excellent compatibility

HD-HYNUDAL 3D HD video converter can support around the mainstream of 3D model of the transition to the ordinary film to watch on TV; support high-definition video into a 3D effect on the ordinary TV to watch; will also be able to directly implement HD video convert about 3D model in the use of polarized light or shutter glasses on the 3D TV to watch; function is powerful!

HD-HYNUDAL 3D HD video converter can support multiple video sources,such as notebook computers, desktop computers, HD set-top boxes, blu-ray machine,HDD player,XBOX,PS3,tablets and so on any device with a digital high-definition HDMI interface,reflects the excellent compatibilit.。

The operation is simple, easy to use, green and environmental protection

HD-HYNUDAL 3D HD video converter adopted very humane design.First of all, the operation is simple and easy to use,can use the remote control or manual button control,one click can experience the 3D effect;

Second, the 3D effect can be weak, medium and strong through the remote control switch control,at any time can be adjusted to adapt himself to the strength;

In addition, the product distribution is a soft brown blue 3D glasses,compared with red and blue 3D glasses,stimulated a lot less of glasses, and do not break the 3D effect.

At the same time, HD HYNUDAL adopted the low-power design of green environmental protection,the machine power only 5W, standby power consumption is only 20ma.Completely in line with Europe and the United States environmental protection standards.

It is reported,ShenZhen EVIK Technology LTD established in 2005 ,is a professional engaged in the consumer electronics product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.Has been committed to independent research and development, production of multimedia audio-visual products,have been exported to Europe and the United States, and occupy larger market share.Has passed the certification of Europe and the United States a variety of authority, in line with the national electronic product all kinds of safety regulations.

Reporter login the company's web site(http://www.evik.com.cn/)understand that for better service for the general consumers,convenient consumers to buy,the company in July 2011, cooperation with Hong Kong modern electronic technology LTD,With high-end audio class brands HD HYNUDAL B2C market into the mainland, has formally in Taobao mall、Esselte mall.Taobao flagship store address ishttp://hdhynudal.tmall.com,Esselte mall site forhttp://www.yida366.com/。It for taobao flagship store and mall is a massive benefit promotion, is to want to experience 3d consumers not to be missed opportunity.