Tongling Jade—Health psychology training apparatus


Exercise mentioned, we must first think of is all kinds of sports,these are exercise our body and muscles, improve our physical skills,let us become healthier.But it is not just the body needs exercise, our psychological and spiritual also needs exercise.Because the body health is the unity of the mental health and physical health,the two complement each other and interdependent.Well-known physical exercise can use tools to improve efficiency, such as all kinds of equipment in the gym, and various kinds of ball games and so on. So the psychological training how to do?With this doubt our r&d team seriously explore research,collect all kinds of relevant research data,Thus developed an exercise can develop the intelligence of human mental health products, we named "Tongling Jade". Tongling Jade,A familiar but strange word again, then let me use 4 w1h five questions for them to show you details about it.

1.What is Tongling Jade?

Tongling Jade is a ability to develop healthy psychological intelligent products,by conducting a gratitude meditation to help users to improve the user's quality of life and mental health,to improve the happiness of life,is conducive to health.

2.What people need to use Tongling Jade?

Whether you are adults, children, old man, young man, no matter you are a man, is a lady,No matter you are engaged in which a line which have raised, as long as you pay attention to their mental exercise, expect to improve your life in his own heart, let oneself more positive mental health, so you are need Tongling Jade.

3.Why need Tongling Jade?

In our country, more than 600 million people are under pressure,depression of up to 13 million,in modern life, people often because of the lack of mental exercise to negative emotions, unable to cope, and strengthen the exercise, the best way to alleviate the mood is gratitude meditation. 3/5 of the world's people in meditation, in Europe, the americas, Oceania, now, it came to Asia. And gratitude meditation, it is all meditation in one of the most effective to deal with stress. According to the experts and scholars to confirm, any form, any direction of psychological Thanksgiving can significantly help to both body and mind health,because of the human heart produces in the process of gratitude gratitude, meet a variety of positive emotions,This will promote the secretion of the hypothalamus (commonly known as the happy hormone) and dopamine, serotonin, let a person "happy" chemicals, let a person feel happy, at the same time also secrete oxytocin,chemical effectively help people calm mood, relieve pressure, is not only beneficial to improve the body's immune function, helps to pathogens rehabilitation, promote physical health. Tongling Jade aimed at this situation,by reminding, accompany, the function of record,assist users gratitude meditation, mental exercise.


4.How to use Tongling Jade?

Before going to bed in the quiet environment,or anything you feel frustrated, depressed, disappointed, etc negative emotions hit,as long as the hand Tongling Jade,tap two times can be activated,after the end of gratitude meditation will base on its back,it will be in charge of automatic storage at the same time and show your gratitude meditation. By one or two times a day so ritualized process,let your gratitude meditation more easier to adhere to, and more effective.Insist on ten weeks, you'll find that life is great different.

5.Product parameters

Size is 57*43*15 mm,Hold it in hand like pebbles;
ABS international environmental protection material + rubber oil to make it with exquisite and comfortable touch;
No more than an egg weight of 30 g;
Built-in intelligent motion sensors and colorful LED lights;
When using ultra-quiet, no fever,quietly doing your "sweet" personal assistant;
Tongling Jade's battery capacity is 75 mah, charging voltage is 4.2 V, 1 hour is full of power, standby can use 24 hours a day, ordinary mobile phone charger, charging treasure, laptop computers, USB interface are rechargeable type machine.